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Super Meat Boy Forever won't be launched this month

Super Meat Boy Forever won't be launched this month

Bad news for the fans of the platforms video games genre. Super Meat Boy Forever has been delayed, and it won't be coming in April 2019. We will have to wait a bit longer to see Super Meat Boy and Bandage girl jumping, dashing, punching and kicking enemies in our screens. It seems that the development of the new title of the Super Meat Boy franchise is taking longer than expected and the previous window for its release has been changed to a date that is still to be announced.



Developer Team Meat has made public the decision to delay the launch of the sequel to Super Meat Boy through his CEO Tommy Refenes, who has declared that they prefer not to give a release date without knowing if the game is going to be ready for launch in time. The game is needing a lot of effort on their part with the huge load of randomly generated levels and animated cutscenes that it includes, so, pretty much, it will be ready when it´s ready, and we will know it then. It´s likely that if you don´t know what Super Meat Boy Forever is about you have never played the original Super Meat Boy, a frenetic platform title where our intrepid Super Meat Boy had to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. In Super Meat Boy Forever Dr. Fetus will kidnap Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's child Nugget, and our couple will have to go through a multitude of deadly randomly generated levels full of traps and enemies to rescue their baby. In this new installment of the series, our heroes will be able to kick and punch enemies and certain obstacles to get rid of them. This alone brings a new dimension to the gameplay.

Team Meat has also recently revealed that they plan on launching a DLC for Super Meat Boy Forever and support for user-created content. For now, they better focus on launching the game as soon as possible, because many of us want to play it already.

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