Outlaws of the Old West

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    Outlaws of the Old West is a game developed by Virtual Basement LLC and published by Wandering Wizard, on Early Access March 12, 2019. The game offers you to relive this fantastic era that was the Conquest of the West. You play as a character taking his first steps in the Wild West and discover that this world is full of dangers and also opportunities to seize.

    Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival game. On a map of more than 140km² and with up to 150 players, you will have to make the most of your environment to make the most of your game. Of course, you will have to eat and drink, but the American West is full of resources that will be useful for making various tools and equipment. From the skin of the beast that you can use to make clothes or the wood that you can gather to build a ranch, to gold, it is up to you to make clever use of the resources that the various biomes of the game have for you.

    Outlaws of the Old West will also allow you to experience thrilling adventures. Since the world is populated with NPCs and other players, you'll be able to take part in a variety of cowboy-friendly activities, such as bounty hunting. But be careful, because you can also be chased yourself. Whether you want to become a quiet farmer, a gold digger or a bounty hunter, Outlaws of the Old West will let you the place for you. What are you waiting for, cowboy?

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