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Outlaws of the Old West debuts in Early Access

Outlaws of the Old West debuts in Early Access

The Wild West is a theme that has inspired many. And there is a reason for it because when you think about it, it evokes not only magnificent landscapes but also riches as far as the eye can see and a new world where everything is possible. That's exactly what Outlaws of the Old West, a brand new game that landed on Steam Early Access yesterday, offers you. Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival title that allows you to chart your own course in the Wild West. With servers hosting 150 players and a playground of 144 km², you will have enough to satisfy your thirst for exploration. Indeed, the game includes different biomes, with a variety of resources and animal species, as well as changing weather conditions with an alternating day/night cycle in real time. And, as in any good survival game, you will have to make use of these resources as best as you can if you hope to prosper in this not so hospitable region.

You will need to be concerned primarily with your vital needs such as hunger and thirst, but also with dangers related to the environment you are in, such as wild beasts, heat, and cold. For this, you can use the resources around you to make tools, build a shelter, clothe, hunt, fish, but also to create weapons to face NPCs or other players. Because Outlaws of the Old West is a multiplayer game, you will not be alone. For example, you can associate with other players to form a community. Conversely, watch for the morality of your actions because your decisions will have an impact. Bounty Hunter NPCs will run after you if you behave badly. And that's not all, because other players will also be able to take on your pursuit to pocket your bounty. The game also has an auction system, allowing you to trade with other players. It will also be important not to neglect the importance of railroads, because the train will be a good way for you to travel through the Great West, but also to send large quantities of goods across the country.



You'll understand, Outlaws of the Old West has a rich world that will delight both fans of survival games and fans of the Westerns. The developers of the game said that Outlaws of the Old West should stay in early access about a year before leaving permanently. It is, therefore, possible that the players encounter some bugs during this period; however, the studio said that the game was already sufficiently mature to allow a smooth experience. To find Outlaws of the Old West at the best price, visit our comparator.

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