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    Dragon Quest Buildersis a sandbox action RPG developed and published by Square Enix. Players are brought in Alefgard and control the builders who are tasked to rebuild the world after the destruction. The game features gameplay like the one seen in ActRaiser, Minecraft, Terraria, and other similar titles, with a lot of blocky designs, and gathering and building elements. All these features are all present in the game’s sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2.

    Players in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will build a settlement using blocks. The progress in the levels is based on how much has been built. Monsters like Slimes and Dragons make an appearance in the game. Every player has a health bar, and they must eat food to keep their optimal health and continue building their camp.


    The game will pick up from the alternate ending of its preceding game, Dragon Quest Builders. The hero accepts the evil Dragonlord’s suggestion of splitting the rulership of the world in two. However, the deal was a trap, the hero is defeated, and the land is now dominated by monsters. With the coming of the new hero, the world is being slowly reconstructed. Players will collect materials from around the world and rebuild the land of Alefgard again.

    Join your friends and collaborate with them to create the greatest settlement in Alefgard. Create your character according to your liking and develop the skills needed to become a full-fledged builder. The game features new characters, a massive world, unlimited building combinations, and a consistent storyline that players can dive into

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