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Stunt Kite Party

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    Stunt Kite Party is an exciting and family-friendly single player and co-op multiplayer game developed by HandyGames. It offers an engaging story that will keep you engaged for hours as you explore the different game modes, characters, locations, and customization options available to you. The stunning graphics, music, animation, and easy gameplay make Stunt Kite Party a joy to experience for both adults and kids alike.

    You can play with up to four players online or remotely via Remote Play Together. If two of the players are using one computer keyboard at the same time then Stunt Kite Party has no separation so each person can see their own view of the playing field - perfect for cozy couch gaming sessions. Or take it online if you prefer competitive or cooperative multiplayer action. In addition to eight customizable characters, there are also ten exhilarating game modes: Race across dreamlike terrains in kites; collect peculiar objects; duel other heroes with Power Ups; battle against epic bosses – just choose your favorite mode from day one. And those looking for more variety can choose between four different locations which come with their own unique features such as weather conditions or terrain types like snow fields or deserts filled with ancient columns.

    Finally, Stunt Kite Party features full gamepad support for the ultimate gaming experience. So if you’re looking for an engaging and fun game to play with friends or family - then look no further than Stunt Kite Party.

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