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    Hell Let Loose is a realistic WWII first-person shooter with open battles for over 100 players with infantry, artillery, tanks, dynamic shifting front line, and a resource-based strategic meta-game.

    If you want a real simulation of what happened in the second World War, then Hell Let Loose is perfect for you. The game puts you in the middle of chaos, in the middle of war itself. It’s complete with player-controlled vehicles, unit-focused gameplay, and a dynamically evolving front line. This is what war is like.

    Hell Let Loose features maps modeled from real reconnaissance images and satellite data. The battlefield is divided into large capture sectors. This allows for an emergent and constantly unique gameplay experience that puts two army forces against each other in a fight to the death in fields, bridges, forests, and nearby towns. Capturing a sector generates one of three resources for your team thus creating a meta-game that influences your team’s victory.


    Hell Let Loose has huge maps for 50 vs. 50 multiplayer battles. You can choose from fourteen different playable characters. You can play as infantry, recon, armored units, or anywhere you’re skilled in. You have at your disposal a variety of weapons, vehicles, and equipment useful in battles. Choose to become an officer, a machine gunner, a scout, a medic, an engineer, or a tank commander. Experience every role and aspect of a world war combat.

    Hell Let Loose will throw you in the middle of the battlefield!

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    Comments on Hell Let Loose

    Jan 15, 2022, 7:56 AMon
    Pour les fans des jeux de simulation, je vous le recommande grandement. Graphiquement très beau, la bande sonore nous plonge dans l'immersion totale, ça pète de partout ! Et puis, maintenant il est disponible aussi sur console (un Fps réalisme sur console ça ne court pas les rues). Les parties se déroulent sur des cartes mythiques telles qu'Utah Beach. Je vous conseille également d'avoir un micro, c'est plus simple pour communiquer et maximiser les chances de remporter la bataille.
    For fans of simulation games, I highly recommend it. Graphically very beautiful, the soundtrack plunges us into total immersion, it farts everywhere! And now, it is also available on console (a realistic Fps on console it does not run the streets). The games take place on mythical maps such as Utah Beach. I also advise you to have a microphone, it's easier to communicate and maximize the chances to win the battle.

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