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Hell Let Loose dates its anticipated access

Hell Let Loose dates its anticipated access

Founded in 2015, the independent studio Black Matter is preparing to launch its first game in Early Access. Hell Let Loose, after having raised more than $ 300,000 on Kickstarter and being accompanied by Team 17, is finally ready to reveal itself to the players. Indeed, it´s launch on Steam Early Access has been announced and it will start on June 6th.



Hell Let Loose is a massively multiplayer FPS with World War II as the main theme. Created using the Unreal Engine 4, the game is realistic. Maps were created from satellite data and will be made to scale, and the tactics come from historical archives. The game will feature huge battlefields, including forests, bridges, cityscapes, and more. Two teams of fifty players will compete, and cooperation will be the heart of the game. Players will have to communicate and help each other in platoons led by Officers and Commanders. Twelve different roles will be available, divided into three categories; reconnaissance, infantry, and armored. Yes, players can even drive vehicles, and everyone will have a role to play during the battle. The front is divided into several areas that will evolve during the game. The strategy will be crucial in Hell Let Loose, as well as the management of your resources. If you are one of those who have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign or if you pre-order Hell Let Loose, you will also have access to three private beta weekends. The first will take place on April 5th. Two packs are currently available for pre-order, the Soldier Pack and the Unit Pack.

Soldier Pack.

  • A key to the complete game
  • A key for all three phases of beta
  • Two additional keys for the beta phases to offer to your friends
  • Two helmets, the German M42 and the US 505th 82nd

Unit Pack

  • Six keys of the complete game
  • Six keys for beta phases
  • Both German M42 and US 505th 82nd helmets for each of the six keys

Hell Let Loose will be available in Early Access on PC via Steam from June 6th. stay tuned for the best prices through our comparator.

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