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    Aquanox Deep Descent is the reimagination of the original undersea fighting series AquaNox. It's a first-person shooter where you pilot a unique submarine armed to the teeth with impressive weapons as you explore the depths of the sea. The world of Aquanox Deep Descent is not the tranquil and peaceful place that you would expect to find under the level of the sea, and it's instead a mysterious and hazardous place where humanity is forced to live and that you will have to explore. In your journey through the depths of the ocean you will find unexpected threats and plenty of enemies to face in a war between several factions for the control of the limited resources available.

    To fight your enemies, you have at your disposal a customizable vehicle that you can arm with several weapons. Each of the six weapons available fits a certain gameplay style and has a different strategic function. You can also upgrade them to add several effects as the game progresses. You will also be able to modify parts of your vehicle to upgrade its capabilities. The pieces and technology available depend on what faction you belong to, but there are plenty of options to customize your vehicle. You will have to master the 360º movement and the limited boost capabilities of your vehicle in order to avoid attacks and survive in the dangerous world of Aquanox Deep Descent.

    The game can be played solo or in cooperative multiplayer for up to four players, and it also features PvP battles with different gameplay modes that include Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

    Explore the depths of Aqua and fight for the underwater supremacy of your faction in Aquanox Deep Descent!

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