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    Utawarerumono is an adult tactical role-playing series that follows the story of Haku, a man who is found senseless and injured in the woods next to a village. He wears an irremovable mask and suffers from amnesia, but after he recovers from his wounds he decides to stay in the village. Not very long after that, he discovers that the emperor who rules the country is a greedy tyrant who cares very little for the well being of the citizens, and he ends leading a rebellion against the ruler, managing to overthrow him. These events eventually lead to Haku being the new emperor of the country of Yamato. But that's just the beginning of his story because he will have to fight very hard to defend his territory and its inhabitants. He won´t be alone in his mission to defend the country. In his travels, he will meet a variety of heroes that he will be able to recruit for his cause, and who will help him fight to defend the kingdom.

    Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth continues the story of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, right after the emperor is killed. Haku's unexpected involvement in politics leads to more fighting but instead of fighting against the tyranny of a ruler, this time our hero will fight to maintain the balance between the nations of Yamato and Tuskur. The gameplay system is exactly the same that you can find in its predecessor, and it features two different gameplay modes. Adventure mode is played like a visual novel where the protagonist can chat with other characters and advance through the complex story of the game. When there is a fight, the game switch to Battle mode, in which you will select the characters that will take part in the fighting and proceed to engage in turn-based battles with the enemies. The fighting scenarios feature a grid on which the characters can move and see the range of their attack and skills. When the combat is finished the players receive experience and equipment as rewards.

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