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    Dishonored is an adventure game franchise combining action and infiltration. This unique universe is created by the french studio Arkane, located in Lyonn, and has seduced many players with Dishonored, its DLC, the sequel Dishonored 2, and now it is back with Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider. Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider is neither a sequel to the second installment nor a DLC, it is a standalone game following the events of Dishonored 2. In this new story you play Billie Lurk, a disciple of the legendary assassin Daud. You will leave the city of Dunwall for Karnaca in order to fulfill a major mission: destroying the Outsider. The Outsider is a central character in the Dishonored franchise. It is a mysterious being that we meet punctually during the various episodes of the franchise, but who is he really? This is one of the things you'll have to discover in Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider. But some things are already known about him. The Outsider comes from the Great Void, a kind of alternative dimension to the world of Dishonored, and also an entity of energy which gave birth to several gods. The Outsider was born 4,000 years ago, he was a young man who was sacrificed in a ritual and came back to life as a divinity. He is neutral and can be inactive for long periods. Sometimes, when he judges that a person can influence history, he gives him his mark, giving his bearer supernatural powers. This is notably the case of Corvo Attano, former protector of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and Emily's father. The Outsider is a cynical being, amused by the abuse which men make of the powers confered upon them. That's pretty much all we know about the Outsider, but Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider will solve many of the mysteries that hover around this character. Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider also introduces a new protagonist, Billie Lurk. Well, not so new, because you have already crossed her in the DLC The knife of Dunwall, in which she appears next to her mentor, Daud. She also appears in Dishonored 2 under the name Meagan Foster, a close friend of Anton Sokolov, and an ally of Corvo and Emily. Billie Lurk was also a friend of Aramis Stilton. When she disappeared she decided to investigate her manor, but the Great Guard attacked her and she lost her arm and right eye. She does not have the Outsiders brand, but thanks to her arm composed of pieces of the Great Void she still has supernatural abilities. Her main weapon is the sword that was used to sacrifice the young man who later became the Outsider, which she can shape as she sees fit. In addition, her eye is made of a shard from the god that precedes the Outsider, giving her a unique power. Her extraordinary abilities come to her directly from the Great Void and not from the Outsider brand. Billie Lurk also has an entirely new capability. Thanks to a talisman she can penetrate the minds of rats and thus get valuable information. In Dishonored: The Death of the Outsider the gameplay remains similar to the previous games of the franchise. You will always have the possibility to adopt the style of play that suits you best, choosing between infiltration and direct confrontation, always with the possibility to kill no enemy. Freedom is also always in order as you can, in addition to the main objectives, fulfill a multitude of secondary objectives exploring the streets of Karnaca. On the tour there are illegal fighting clubs, places of black magic worshipping, bank robberies, and more. You will also encounter new enemies like the Immortal Visionary, the sisters of the Oracular Order and new Clockwork Soldiers. In addition to all these new features, and especially the new capabilities of Billie Lurk, you will have the possibility to start the game again, with a selection of the powers present in the previous games.

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