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    Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation takes everything that made the award-winning game Ashes of the Singularity successful, developing and improving it. Bigger worlds, more players, more units, more history. The human race has expanded through the galaxy thanks to the wonders of technology. You have become so powerful that you can manage vast armies that provide you with an ever greater galactic empire. But humanity is threatened by a new enemy that seeks to annihilate the human race, the Substrate. As a future member of the Post-Human Coalition, you must face this new threat as well as the renegade humans trying to claim their own world. Join the ranks of the Post-Human Coalition, or those of the Substrate, and fight for the control of the galaxy. Play online with your friends in ranked games or play solo against a powerful AI, in skirmish or in campaign mode. No matter what mode you play, strategy is the key: deciding which technologies to research, where to send your armies, how to manage your economy, and which units to build. Escalation's new features pave the way for even bigger battles, more diverse strategies, and exciting wars through unique worlds and complex maps. The conflict has intensified, and it is time to choose a camp. (Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation is a standalone game, you do not have to have Ashes of the Singularity to play it)

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