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    Kingdom: New Lands is a strategy simulation game developed by Noio and published by Raw Fury in 2016. The game is a standalone expansion to Kingdom, released in 2015, and places players in the role of a monarch who must build and manage a kingdom, protect it from enemies, and ultimately expand their territory.

    The gameplay of Kingdom: New Lands focuses on exploration, management, and survival mechanics. Players start with a small kingdom, a horse, and some coins. Players must manage their resources, construct and upgrade buildings, and recruit subjects to join their kingdom. All while fighting off waves of enemies who try to destroy the kingdom.

    The game's graphics are minimalist and beautifully rendered, featuring a vibrant and colorful 2D pixel-art world that changes dynamically based on the time of day and weather conditions. The game's sound design is also noteworthy, with a relaxing and atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience.

    One of the unique features of Kingdom: New Lands is its reliance on player exploration and discovery. Players must venture out beyond their kingdom to discover new lands and resources, recruit units, and ultimately expand their territory.

    The game also features a permadeath mechanic, where players have only one chance to complete the game. If the player's monarch dies or their kingdom is destroyed, players must start again from scratch.

    Overall, Kingdom: New Lands is a challenging and addictive strategy simulation game that provides a unique and engaging experience for players. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and atmospheric soundtrack make it a must-play for fans of the strategy and simulation genres.

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