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    It's time to Catch'em All, all over again, and in a way that is totally fresh and new. This, is Pokemon Sun, this is the Alola region, and this is unlike any Pokemon game you've played before. For 20 years, players have gotten a starter Pokemon, gone on a journey to battle 8 Gym Leaders, and then challenge the Elite 4 to become champion, but now, part of that is changing. For in the Alola region that you have just moved to, there are no Gyms, there are Captains, and there are Kahuna's, and there is no "string of battles" per se, but rather, the Island Challenge, where you must conquer the leaders of those islands to get acknowledged for your strength! Now don't fear, you'll still be catching and raising Pokemon, but it'll be for new purpose and fun. The story of you defeating the Island Challenge is only just the start! There's mysteries all around the Alola region. Including the infamous Team Skull and their leaders, or the mysterious Aether Foundation, and their desire to "help" Pokemon. Plus, rumors swirl about interesting creatures called Ultra Beasts! And that's just the beginning. As this is a new region, there's plenty of new Pokemon to get, including your Starter Pokemon Rowlett, Litten, and Poplio. Choose the one you want, and go catch all the Pokemon that reside in the islands! Plus, there are new versions of classic Pokemon via the Alolan forms, so you'll get to see some of your favorite Pokemon in a whole new light. This is the wonder and beauty of Pokemon Sun, and you'll soon see just how new and fresh this adventure is.

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    Timothy Lehn
    Timothy Lehn
    Jul 4, 2017, 1:15 AM
    I want to play this game so bad.

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