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      In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link is a farmer that lives with five of his friends. All of them are captured by monsters riding wild boars and Link is carried away to the Twilight Realm. On the brink of being killed, he turns into a wolf thanks to the Triforce, but he is taken prisoner at the castle of Hyrule. There he meets Midona as well as Princess Zelda and learns that the Twilight Kingdom is actually Hyrule, that was conquered by Xanto, the king of shadows. Then, he will travel the whole kingdom to find the pearls of light and release his world from the reign of Twilight. Link gains new powers, such as the ability to turn into a wolf, which refines his senses, allows him to talk to animals and teleport. The combat system has been upgraded, offering the possibility of using the sword while running or riding. Twilight Princess displays a graphic style completely different than its predecessor, The Wind Waker, moving away from cel-shading to a more realistic style.

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