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      The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker takes place several hundred years after Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. The kingdom of Hyrule has been engulfed by the waves and it's no more than an archipelago in a vast ocean. The player embodies Link, a young boy descending from Heroes of Time (Link of the previous games). On the day of his twelve years, his sister Arielle is kidnapped by a giant bird. He then goes to her rescue, accompanied by Tetra, a young pirate. They find their trace in the Cursed Fortress, but Link is launched into the ocean by the giant bird. He wakes up on a boat with the ability to speak to humans, the Red Lion, and learns that Ganondorf kidnaps the girls to find Zelda's descendant in order to unite the three golden triangles of the Triforce. Link will have to find Exalibur and give it all his power to defeat his nemesis. In The Wind Waker, the player will have to move aboard the Red Lion between the different islands of Hyrule to complete his quests. The ocarina is replaced by the Staff of the Wind, a kind of flute which Link must play melodies with to change the direction of the wind in order to advance the Red Lion. Link is also faster and can now crawl, cling to ropes and perform better combos in battle. The design of the game is also radically different, with graphics in cel-shading and a very cartoonish and colorful universe.

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