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    Grow Up is a 3D platformer video game published and developed by Ubisoft in which players take control of the robot character, B.U.D (Botanical Utility Droid), and guide him as he attempts to restore his spaceship's scattered parts in order to return to his home planet.

    The game takes place on a beautiful, lush alien planet filled with colors and natural forms. Players navigate this vibrant world in order to collect magical "alien crystals" that power B.U.D.'s abilities and unlock new features. B.U.D. must utilize his skills of climbing, gliding, bouncing, and rolling through a giant open world, filled with mountains, caves, forests and beautiful landscapes.

    Grow Up offers a mesmerizing experience with its soothing audio and immersive visuals suffused throughout the game. With no time limits or constraints, players can explore this vast world at their own pace, enjoying side quests and finding undiscovered secrets along the way. The game guarantees hours of fun and adventure, as players find new ways to traverse the world with B.U.D., especially in using his special abilities to climb and jump through different obstacles. Grow Up is a captivating, charming and colorful game that is an unforgettable gameplay experience!

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