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    When a sandbox game lets you build something memorable, it's a good game. When a sandbox title lets you play with friends, it's a good game. When a sandbox title lets you play with others, as you build across many islands connected by portals, all the while having an epic RPG adventure? That's a great game! And that's exactly what Portal Knights is. For in this crafting and action filled adventure, you'll work your way across numerous islands that are indeed connected by portals and build to your hearts content. You'll look for resources, build things for your character, explore randomly generated worlds that each have their own flair and personality, and just enjoy the land you are in. But...that doesn't mean there aren't dangers in Portal Knights. Oh no, there are, and you'll need to pick a class for your character and grow them so that they can be a force on the battlefield. 3rd-person battles will ensure that your crafting experiences don't get boring. Not that they will of course. Plus, in true RPG style, you'll be able to choose from a variety of classes like the Mage, the Warrior, and more, and even get to customize your look so that you have style. Be a part of epic boss battles that'll test your skills, but beware, the Portal Guardians are not to be taken lightly! Then, when you're ready to relax, head back to your home, show off the treasures of your quests, and prepare for the next one. The fun starts with you and what you want to do in Portal Knights.

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