Zombies are invading London in Watch Dogs Legion

Zombies are invading London in Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft has caught everyone by surprise with the reveal of a brand new gameplay mode for Watch Dogs Legion. Even though the roadmap for the game was shown not too long ago and we expected to see some new additions coming to the game, nobody would have guessed that the first one would be a new mode where the city of London has been overrun by zombies. Legion of the Dead turns the game into a PvE online survival experience for up to four players that has very little to do with the other gameplay modes. In this case, very few details about this new experience have been revealed as it's currently going through an alpha test, but thanks to IGN you can watch about 20 minutes of Legion of the Dead gameplay in Watch Dogs Legion.



Legion of the Dead could very well be a limited-time mode planned for Halloween if we consider that Ubisoft is yet to confirm if it will be included in a free update or it will be a paid DLC. According to the gameplay shown, it seems that it's all about shooting down zombies while traversing the streets of London and getting supplies until you get to an extraction point. No details have been provided about its background. Maybe some kind of outbreak has turned most of the citizens into bloodthirsty undead or something, but we won't be sure until Ubisoft reveals more details. We are sure that Legion of the Dead has very little to do with hacking, but if you are in for some good old zombie shooting action it may be a good choice for you.

Watch Dogs Legion seems to be a perfect game to experiment with those kinds of things. The game already features a PvP mode that lets you control robots in a deadly fight to the death. It's also far from the premises in the main gameplay mode, so maybe anything goes for Watch Dogs Legion. Whatever the case is, you can find the game at the best price by visiting our comparator if you feel like helping DedSec to fight against Albion and other groups that control the city of London.

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