Watch Dogs Legion online mode makes its debut today

Watch Dogs Legion online mode makes its debut today

Watch Dogs Legion was released a few months ago, but one of the features that players were eager to try in the game was sorely lacking at launch, the online mode. Even though Watch Dogs Legion has met some success, it does not currently live up to what you would expect from a AAA game created by Ubisoft. It must be said that multiplayer online is now an important, if not essential, component of many games, mainly because it significantly extends their lifespan.

Players who were eagerly waiting for the release of multiplayer mode to get Watch Dogs Legion can finally enjoy this feature since it's already available on consoles. Of course, a brand new video accompanies this release and reveals more about the different online modes, which come in the following forms:

• New co-op missions for two to four players that offer new gameplay mechanics and let you recruit members to join your team.

• A free co-op open-world mode for up to four players, in which, as the name suggests, you can play freely and take part in a variety of activities.

• A PvP four-player mode called Arachnobot Arena in which you will each player controls a heavily armed robot in a deathmatch. This is the first PvP mode in the game but more should be added in the future.



But it's all not good news. Ubisoft also revealed that the launch of the online mode on PC will be postponed because they have detected some issues with certain graphics cards that caused the game to crash. In an attempt to avoid any kind of problems, they won't release the online mode until the bug has been fixed and they are working on it already. Therefore, there is no release date for the online mode on PC. Of course, if you do not own Watch Dogs Legion yet, do not hesitate to visit our comparator to get it at the best price on all platforms.

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