Online multiplayer is finally arriving to Watch Dogs Legion

Online multiplayer is finally arriving  to Watch Dogs Legion

It's taken a while but Ubisoft is finally going to deliver what was promised and Watch Dogs Legion players will be able to enjoy one of the most anticipated features of the game very soon. The game already offers a very solid single-player experience in which you can use multiple characters to fight against the oppressive corporation that tries to control the city of London in a post-Brexit era. Watch Dogs Legion features an innovative system in which almost every citizen can be recruited by DedSec as an agent to make use of their exclusive abilities in order to reveal the truth about the situation in the city and fight for their freedom.

Watch Dogs Legion will offer plenty of possibilities more when online multiplayer modes are implemented, and that's why adding the new feature has been a priority for the developers after they managed to fix all the problems that appeared in the game after it was released on October 29, 2020. Several months later and after being delayed in November, the brand new online multiplayer modes will be available in the game on March 9. They will arrive in the form of an update free to all players on PC and consoles.



There will be several online multiplayer modes in Watch Dogs Legion, each of them with different features. You will be able to take part on short cooperative missions in a team of two to four players or aim for a bigger challenge in the Tactical Ops mode, in which you will attempt difficult missions in an open-world scenario. If PvP is your thing, Spiderbot Arena offers you the possibility of controlling your own robot to fight against others in intense battles for up to 8 players.

With this addition, Watch Dogs Legion will finally be the complete experience that all the fans of the series were expecting to get at launch. It's better late than never.

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