Watch Dogs Legion expands its content with a new patch today

Watch Dogs Legion expands its content with a new patch today

Ubisoft continues to expand Watch Dogs Legion with more content this week with the release of a new patch. The recent addition of multiplayer online to the game has brought a lot of missions and features, but the new update is coming today and it will add even more content, including the first playable hero, two new professions, a new mission, several co-op missions for multiplayer, and new assignments and gadgets too.

Watch Dogs Legion already offers you the possibility to recruit almost anyone in London for your team, and every character offers you different gameplay options, but Mina Sidhu is at a different level. Her special power allows her to control other characters in the game, which will prove to be an invaluable tool when trying to complete missions. She is included in Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass and you will be able to play as her during the campaign but also in multiplayer. Season Pass owners will also have access to a new mission with this patch. "Swipe Right" requires you to infiltrate a Museum in order to gain intel about a certain smuggling organization.



If you don't own Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass, you will still have access to three new co-op missions in multiplayer, each of them with different objectives that you can try to complete with up to three other players. A couple of new gadgets will also offer you more tactical options in co-op mode. 

Finally, this update also adds two new professions to Watch Dogs Legion. First Responder is able to drop a shield to protect him or other players from damage, and the DJ is capable of stunning enemies around him with noise waves. But there is one more thing that this patch is adding to Watch Dogs Legion, and it's probably the one that players have requested more: you can now customize your character's hair and body art in the game. You just have to update Watch Dogs Legion today to gain access to those novelties

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