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Watch The Launch Trailer For NieR: Automata

Watch The Launch Trailer For NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata shows us some more flashy android combat and stunning environments in its latest trailer titled: "Death is Your Beginning", which definitely shows a lot of death and destruction. The game seems to have an interesting story based on betrayal, which will definitely be interesting considering that we're dealing with androids and machines, and not humans.

We follow our two androids once again as they traverse many landscapes, from machine-infested deserts and machine-infested cities which are looking pretty ruined. They look simple, but absolutely amazing, and it's quite impressive how the game's graphics make NieR: Automata so alive in all of the environments that are either empty or filled with only a couple of machines. The graphics are impressive, but the animations of the game? They will make your jaw drop as soon as you see the female android start kicking someone around and does all sorts of flashy combos. They are also quite fast, which makes the combat even more interesting as everything happens relatively quickly, but it looks immensely satisfying. The particle effects also look flashy as it can get, but not so much that it's overbearing on the eyes.

We also get to see some huge mechanical bosses that we will be facing in NieR: Automata, and they look quite menacing to be honest, which is a plus for the game, as we don't get that vibe from many bosses in today's games. There's a lot to see in this trailer, so you should probably go and check it out yourself to see just how many different scenes there are best seen by the eye instead of explained by words!



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