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The War Table is getting enhancements in Marvel's Avengers

The War Table is getting enhancements in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers doesn't find a comfortable position despite having piqued the interest of a huge number of fans of Marvel's films and comics. Developer Crystal Dynamics has already released a few patches that changed several aspects of the gameplay to make it more appealing to the players, and there are more on the way. Update 2.3 will rework the War Table to streamline the missions and improve the overall user experience in Marvel's Avengers, which should positively impact the community.


War Table rework

Forget about having to wait fifteen minutes for the missions to refresh. After the new update, Threat Sectors and Drop Zones will be available at all times, and Hives will appear for you, providing that you have the appropriate power level. Each region will have a minimum and recommended maximum power level. This new format will contribute to delivering a more linear experience if you follow the following level chart:

  • Eastern Seaboard – power level 1-25
  • Pacific Northwest – power level 25-50
  • Utah Badlands – power level 50-75
  • Snowy Tundra – power level 75-100
  • Future Wastelands – power level 100-125
  • Wakanda – power level 100-140

Villain Sectors and Vaults will be accessible without picking up their respective mission chain or obtaining the coordinates, allowing for much easier access to them. Also, Update 2.3 for Marvel's Avengers will also add new missions, including Drop Zones, Threat Sectors, Vaults, and Villain Sectors. Nick Fury is also getting a more prominent role in Avengers Initiative. He will be part of a series of new tutorials that will introduce players to an experience that has proved to be confusing and frustrating for many.

Update 2.3 will release on March 24 across all platforms for Marvel's Avengers, and it should make the game experience better for all players. Remember that you can visit our comparator anytime if you want to find your Marvel's Avengers code at the best price. 

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