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Marvel's Avengers update brings Klaw's raid and Spider-Man

Marvel's Avengers update brings Klaw's raid and Spider-Man

Square Enix announced that Marvel's Avengers update 2.2 is now available, bringing an unprecedented four-player Invasion with an encounter with the villain Klaw, as well as a new PlayStation-exclusive hero, Spider-Man.

The new and first raid of the game, Discordant Sound, picks up after the events of the War for Wakanda expansion and pits players against the sonic monster Klaw. It will require battle-seasoned game veterans with a power level of 150 or more and a synergy between roles better than an Olympics artistic swimming duet.

In addition to the raid and Spider-Man, the update comes with several new and improved systems, such as the Shipments, which provides an entirely new path to earn coveted cosmetics, resources, and other items strictly through gameplay; an increase in the power level from 150 to 175, which you can increase by getting the end-gears from the new raid; and Gear Upgrading, where players can recycle gear of a higher power level to upgrade their current equipment to match the higher-power level of the consumed item.


The neighborhood friend arrives

Spider-Man, the legendary web player, arrives exclusively for PlayStation players in today's update alongside the Spider-Man: With Great Powers hero event. Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man's flying acrobatics bring a new way to play, whether solo or with friends, and his unique movement and combat skills are sure to be a great addition to any tactical team on Avengers Initiative missions.

In addition, the special event will have our friendly neighborhood pairing up with the Avengers to stop AIM from acquiring technology that could make their Synthoid army unstoppable. It will be possible to complete missions and collect equipment during the event while Spider-Man's untold story unfolds. Will the web's favorite web-slinger permanently join the Avengers? Permanently-ish, I guess, since he will only be available on PlayStation.

Marvel's Avengers may not have had the best launch. But one of the perks of being a gamer nowadays is the constant updates that strive to improve our experience. Want to enjoy the adventures of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Then check out these great deals where even Tony Stark would be pleased with the savings.

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