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Marvel's Avengers upsets players over microtransactions

Marvel's Avengers upsets players over microtransactions

The eternal search for an additional profit with video games can be a rollercoaster in many cases. Since it was announced, Marvel's Avengers had some ups and downs, starting with the unexpected looks of its superheroes, which didn't appeal to many players, who were expecting them to be closer to the ones in Marvel's Avengers films. There were a few tweaks here and there, and everything was ready for a successful launch, and we could delve once more into Marvel's universe. We found ourselves in the middle of a terrible event that ended with the city of San Francisco in ruins, the Avengers disbanded. A few years later, a young Ms. Marvel embarks on a mission to reunite the Avengers again and free a reconstructed San Francisco from the control of A.I.M. and restore the heroes to their rightful position as saviors of the world.



The microtransactions controversy in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers features exciting gameplay full of action and everything you would want in a superheroes game, including plenty of customization options and additions that the fans of all things Marvel can unlock via the shop in the game. So far, so good. But a recent change has got many Marvel's Avengers players quite upset. You can now find Hero's Catalysts in the game's marketplace. These are consumables that boost your XP while playing the game. The only problem with them is that developer Crystal Dynamics already stated that players would only be able to buy cosmetic items, and an XP booster is far from that. As a result, plenty of players are already complaining and saying that the game is now "pay-to-win".

Marvel's Avengers is still a good game, and it offers quite an exciting experience to the players, but getting your player base into a bad mood may not be the most intelligent decision if you expect that they continue to play your game and buy items from your shop. We don't know if Crystal Dynamics will change its mind about Hero's Catalysts, but the harm seems to be done already. If you are yet to discover the game, you can compare game prices and find the best deals on our website anytime to buy Marvel's Avengers cheap. It may be even a more appealing option to you now that you can level up faster by investing some extra cash.

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