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PlayStation players will get more content in Marvel's Avengers

PlayStation players will get more content in Marvel's Avengers

After recently announcing that Hawkeye will be joining the roster of playable characters in Marvel's Avengers, more info about the game has been revealed it has disappointed many people.

For years now, there has been a rivalry between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers in particular, due to the exclusives specific to each platform, and it is not uncommon to see players arguing about that matter on social networks and forums. This rivalry is currently quite lively due to the upcoming release of a new generation of consoles, and the latest information revealed about Marvel's Avengers seems to be quite a hot topic.

At the start of the week, we knew via the Playstation Blog that Spider-Man, one of the most popular superheroes, would only be available to PlayStation players. Spider-Man will be available for free on Sony consoles in early 2021, and it's unclear at this time whether this exclusive will be temporary or not.



As the beta phases approach, a new Marvel's Avengers post on the Playstation Blog just adds fuel to the fire, as Spider-Man isn't the only advantage PlayStation players will have. The article in question outlines the community challenges that will be available in-game, allowing players to complete objectives together to earn rewards. The post also reveals a little more about cosmetic items. But the info that made players jump is that PlayStation players will have access to additional challenges and also to new cosmetic items too. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get even more bonuses.

It looks like if you want to take full advantage of all the features of Marvel's Avengers, it'll have to be on Sony consoles. However, it is not impossible that these features are temporary or that Crystal Dynamics changes its plans, given the controversy that this is causing. Either way and no matter whatever platform you plan to play Marvel's Avengers on, the best prices are on our comparator.

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