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Marvel's Avengers shows its co-op gameplay for the first time

Marvel's Avengers shows its co-op gameplay for the first time

Although it would seem that making a game based one of the most popular groups of superheroes would be an easy task, it's not exactly like that. It's not as simple as taking a story from the comics and turn it into a game. In particular, keeping up with the expectations of the fans can prove to be quite hard and Crystal Dynamics already received a lot of critics when Marvel's Avengers was announced. The fans didn't like the looks of some of the protagonists quite much and it seemed as if the game was going to have a rough time. Fortunately, it seems that with little changes now and there and the passing of time, that has become less of an issue, and now we can focus on talking about the features in the game. 

A lot of new footage of Marvel's Avengers was shown during yesterday's livestream and we finally got to see the evil mastermind that controls AIM forces. He is no other than George Tarleton, also known as MODOK, who will give a very hard time to our heroes.



But yesterday's livestrean allowed us to discover more than bits and pieces of the story in Marvel´s Avengers, and we could also watch a video showing the War Zones. These are cooperative missions where several players have to team up and coordinate their efforts to achieve certain objectives. Of course, you will have to face a huge number of threats in the form of mechanized soldiers from AIM that will try to destroy you, and combining your powers as a team will be your best option if you want to succeed. You will also be able to enlist the help of other factions.



Marvel's Avengers is shaping into a very nice looking game, and we can´t wait to play it when it is released on September 4, 2020, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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