Marvel's Avengers updates its roadmap for July

Marvel's Avengers updates its roadmap for July

Crystal Dynamics has been releasing a steady flow of additional content and updates for Marvel's Avengers since the launch of the game on September 4, 2020. They are decided to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise and will make use of plenty of the story arcs and events from the comics to enhance a thrilling experience that allows you to get in the shoes of your favorite superheroes from the Marvel universe. The War for Wakanda Expansion will launch in August, but players are entitled to enjoy plenty of new content before that.

If you are currently playing Marvel's Avengers, July will offer you plenty of opportunities of enjoying new end game content with the first Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion. This new mission will pit you against the Super-Adaptoid and it will feature some of the most challenging content to date in the game. Also, the difficulty of Multiplayer Mega Hives will be increased but the time required to complete them will be reduced at the same time. On the bad side, the update to the roadmap for the game also brings a postponement for Patrol Mode, a feature that is now slated for release after the arrival of the War for Wakanda Expansion. 



Finally, if you are one of those that would like to choose the same hero as another player in matchmaking and when forming Strike Teams, you will get your wish granted next month too. Marvel's Avengers community has been asking for this feature to be implemented for quite a while, as most players have a favorite hero that they want to play on most occasions. Watching multiple copies of the same hero on the screen may break the immersion for some players but you can't have it all.

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