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Victoria 3 is available today

Victoria 3 is available today

Paradox Interactive has a wide and demonstrable experience in the strategy and simulation genres. Titles like Cities Skylines, Prison Architect, Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings III, Stellaris, and Hearts of Iron IV are among the most popular in their respective categories, and it's for a good reason. The attention to detail of the studio when creating them is exceptional, and all of them include exciting features and a level of difficulty that is right where it needs to be to deliver a unique experience. Of course, depending on the genre and the game, the level of micro-management needed to progress in such games may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those that enjoy such types of games, Paradox equals guaranteed fun.



Economy and political management at their best

Starting today, players can immerse themselves in a new experience that arrives in the form of Victoria 3, the latest installment in the popular economy management simulation series. Like its predecessors, Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game that reminisces of Europa Universalis IV, but it features a notable focus on the economy. The game puts you in control of a nation during a period that lasts a hundred years, starting in 1836. The politics, economy, and diplomacy of your country will be under your control and your aim is to guide your people through a century that will transform the country in many aspects.

In Victoria 3, upheaval, revolutions, technological breakthroughs, and cultural development are common, and you will have to adapt your decisions to all these events while trying to achieve supremacy in the global scenario. Trade and industry will fuel your efforts to make your economy grow as you navigate the dangerous waters of the international economy while trying to keep your country afloat.

All of this translates into gameplay mechanics that may seem overwhelming for newcomers to the genre at the start, but with some effort, you can grasp them quite fast. Detailed graphics and an incredible array of assets and options that you can use to develop your country and its economy as you please allow you to immerse in an outstanding economic and political simulator that feels like a breath of fresh air in the genre. 

The latest installment in the economic and political management series is available today and the best place where to find your copy of Victoria 3 PC cheap is our comparator if you don't want to miss this great strategy game.

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