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Try The Quarry for free

Try The Quarry for free

Although Supermassive Games follows a certain pattern in creating its horror games, the different scenarios, immersive storylines, and slight variations in the mechanics have made the studio's games quite different from each other. The Quarry is the latest creation of the studio and follows the story of a group of camp counselors whose car breaks down and can't return home right when the kids have left the camp, and they were expecting to get some rest. Of course, the best way of passing the time is to organize a party, but it could very well be their last one since horrible things start happening at Hackett's Quarry. The camp counselors' destiny lies in the players' hands in a scenario that could be the perfect setting for a classic horror movie. Their decisions will determine if they live through the experience or die horribly.

The latest update for The Quarry has added multiplayer online, allowing you to share the experience at a new level. It's the perfect addition to a title where the communication between the players as they progress can be as immersive and exciting as the game itself. 



Supermassive is determined to make The Quarry one of their most popular games, and now you can give the game a try for free on Xbox consoles and PC via Steam. The free trial gives you access to all the features in the game for a limited time. Therefore, it's your best option to discover if you are into this type of immersive horror experience. 

If you try the game and like it, you can use our comparator to buy The Quarry cheap on all platforms. Remember that there are other games from the same developer that have many things in common with The Quarry, like Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes, and the last installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me. All of them are available via our comparator too.

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