The Quarry finally gets a multiplayer online mode

The Quarry finally gets a multiplayer online mode

Supremassive Games is finally turning The Quarry into the game it should have been at launch. This thriller set in a summer camp features all the elements needed to deliver an experience worthy of the best classic films in the horror genre. Taking the role of a teenage counselor at Hackett's Quarry during a party makes is not for the faint of heart. When strange things start happening, and you are subject to the attack of bloodthirsty assailants, looking for the best way to escape unscathed from such a nightmare will be your main objective. Every decision you make can have dire consequences and lead to the worst possible end.


Sharing the experience with strangers

In such a scenario, the thrill of the experience gets multiplied when more things escape your control. In the case of The Quarry, the addition of a multiplayer online mode brings a new level of uncertainty to your adventure and requires cooperation between all parties involved to reach the most suitable end for all. 

The Wolf Pack mode, added in the last The Quarry update, brings exactly that to the table. Previously, you could live through the game experience accompanied by a friend sitting next to you. Now, people that you don't really know may join you in The Quarry, which takes the realism of the experience to a different level. With plenty of different endings at the end of the journey, a slight disagreement can end with you all dead, or worse.

The latest update also gives you access to all six episodes of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast in-game. And if you own the Deluxe version of The Quarry, you can unlock plenty of new cosmetic items with an '80s vibe.

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