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Supermassive Games honors its name in The Quarry

Supermassive Games honors its name in The Quarry

The Quarry seems to be much more than just yet another survival horror game. Developer Supermassive Games has a demonstrable experience with the genre. The studio's work in Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology has put it in a very good position to develop its next game. The announcement of The Quarry was well received by a community that has grown accustomed to a deep narrative where your choices guide the development of the story. 

Many endings

Trying to figure out the final outcome in games like this and adjust your decisions so you can get the desired one may come up as a temptation for some players that would rather do that instead of immersing themselves in the story to enjoy the experience. In The Quarry, it's going to be harder than ever as Supermassive Games has revealed that its upcoming survival horror game has 186 possible endings. Game director Will Byles has revealed some details about the creation process in an interview with IGN:


"Writing a branching narrative is a really interesting exercise. We write a full, hundred-page screenplay as if it were a movie. We develop our character styles, and once we've got that, then we can start looking at how we break that out into a full 10-hour experience."

"Actors are used to, on a feature film, a hundred-page script, so when we send the actors the scripts they get very alarmed because they're huge. The script for this is over a thousand pages. We have to shoot about 50 pages a day, which is unheard of. It's just a mad amount of footage. But obviously, a lot of what they're learning is the same thing again and again and again, but a different branch."


The work may have been repetitive, but the result sounds great. This number of endings is unheard of in such a type of game, and it reveals that every minor decision that you make along the game will have an impact on the final outcome. In the case of The Quarry, it's going to be even more exciting if you play along with some friends because many decisions will have to be voted on, so they won't really be under your control. 



The release of The Quarry is scheduled for June 10, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can use our comparator to find out the best deals and buy a The Quarry code cheap.

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