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Get Total War: Warhammer free on PC

Get Total War: Warhammer free on PC

At this point, everyone that plays video games on PC knows that you can get one or more games for free every week on Epic Games Store. Some people may argue that they are not all triple-A games, but the selection has included quite a few. In fact, you can get one of the best strategy games inspired by Games Workshop's miniatures games this week. Total War: Warhammer is entirely free to claim on Epic Games Store until next Thursday. 

Warhammer with a Total War touch

Creative Assembly is a renowned developer studio and the Total War series creator. Among its creations, you can find plenty of games based on ancient empires and their armies, including Total War Saga: Troy, Total War: Rome, Total War: Three Kingdoms, and many more. Each of those titles features epic battles where you command an impressive number of troops on the battlefield and different gameplay systems with a deep focus on strategy. 



Total War: Warhammer is the first and an impressive take of Creative Assembly on the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. It takes place in a world full of warring factions fighting to expand their territories. The game features different races, like humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, skavens, lizardmen, and even demons. All these fight each other and try to follow their own agendas depending on their allegiance. The result is a continent where they fight for supremacy while maintaining a stable economy that pays for their armies.

If you are a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, you already have experience with this scenario. If you are not, Total War: Warhammer is your best choice to enter a fantasy universe like no other, and you can do it for free now.

Expanding your game


There are several DLCs to expand the game with more factions, troops, and legendary lords. Each of them brings unique mechanics into the game and has its own storyline and gameplay style. Also, Total War: Warhammer is the first game in a trilogy. Total War: Warhammer II and Total War: Warhammer III further expand the universe with more factions, different scenarios, and new gameplay options. You can find the best deals for all of them on our comparator anytime.

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