A new video sets the mood for Total War: Warhammer III

A new video sets the mood for Total War: Warhammer III

Not too long ago, nobody would have thought that Games Workshop would completely change the Warhammer universe. They have modified the ruleset and miniatures of their tabletop strategy game quite a few times but nobody anticipated the drastic change that the launch of Age of Sigmar would bring to the franchise. The Total War: Warhammer series is based on the original setting, which is still quite appealing to most fans of the license. Creative Assembly has done a great job with the first two installments in the series and the upcoming release of Total War: Warhammer III is one of the most important events for the fans, now that Games Workshop won't be releasing any additional content for the old version of Warhammer.

Not much has been revealed about Total War: Warhammer III. We know that the upcoming installment will include new factions and that action will move to the eastern territories. It's also likely that the game will feature a new campaign that will revolve around the forces of Chaos and the eastern empires of Grand Cathay and Kislev. A new cinematic video emphasizes the confrontation between the armies of the Ruinous Powers and the stern warriors of Kislev and lets us take a peek at some of the units that both armies will include in Total War: Warhammer III.



We expect that Creative Assembly reveals more things about Total War: Warhammer III in the close future. Right now all that we know is that the new factions will send their armies into the Realm of Chaos to fight the demonic foes under the command of the four gods of Chaos. The most important thing about Total War: Warhammer III is knowing if it will be possible to combine all the new armies and novelties in a massive map as it happened with Total War: Warhammer and Total War: Warhammer II, and Creative Assembly has already confirmed that a Mortal Empires DLC will be available for free to make it happen.

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