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The Sims 4 - Cottage Living is the next expansion for the game

The Sims 4 - Cottage Living is the next expansion for the game

During the spring, we could discover what the Sims 4 team had in store for us this summer. A few weeks ago, the developers unveiled a roadmap that gave us an idea of what kind of content would be coming this summer. We could find updates for the base game, a game pack, which is already available since it is Dream Home Decorator, but also a new expansion pack. And that's exactly what we're interested in today, as The Sims 4 - Cottage Living was revealed yesterday.

As it usually happens with The Sims 4, we were treated to a first trailer that outlines what the expansion pack will offer. As its name suggests, The Sims 4 - Cottage Living will allow you to have a great life outdoors, in the small village of Henford-on-Bagley. This expansion will no doubt delight most Sims 4 players as it allows your sims to become real farmers. It's a theme that has been eagerly awaited by players, and we can finally get a first look at what Maxis has done with it.



The first thing we can notice in this trailer is obviously the presence of farm animals. The Sims 4 - Cottage Living features several species, including rabbits, chickens, llamas, cows, birds, and foxes. You'll be able to take advantage of the resources offered by these animals, such as eggs from chickens or milk from cows, and make them your friends by offering them treats. Farming means planting. Your sims will be able to cultivate their land and harvest giant vegetables and even take part in competitions at the Finchwick Fair. Cooking new recipes using your own products will also be much cheaper.

All of this new content and more will be available from 22 July on PC, Playstation, and Xbox consoles. All players who purchase The Sims 4 - Cottage Living before September 2 will receive several bonus items, like the Scenic Commuting Bicycle, "Onward" The Adventurous Gnome, and the  Bramblewoods's DeLIGHTful Tree. As usual, you can find the best prices to purchase the game by visiting our comparator.

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