A new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 is coming soon

A new Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 is coming soon

Last spring, we had access to a roadmap that clearly indicated what to expect in The Sims 4 for the six months following its publication. One of the expansion packs included in the roadmap was Journey to Batuu, which is quite nice for the fans of Star Wars. The Snowy Escape expansion has been released too, and it wasn't much of a surprise since The Sims 4 usually gets an expansion at the end of every year. Also, a massive update to the skin colors in the base game was launched in early December. 

Other than that, nothing else had really been announced yet as far as this year is concerned. At least until now, since the Sims 4 team has just teased a new pack. On January 5th the team in charge of The Sims community on social media published several posts on Twitter which, when put together, make up the GIF below. 



Therefore, all the fans of The Sims 4 have an appointment next Tuesday for the reveal of a new Stuff Pack for the game that will have ghosts as its theme. Obviously, this idea didn’t come out of nowhere. Nifty Knitting was chosen by the community some months ago but it turns out that Happy Haunts came up in second place in this vote.

The pack will include some new features, like some freelance careers, including Ghost Hunter, Medium, and Grim Reaper, but also the ability to do Spiritism sessions and the “haunted house” trait for the buildings. If the GIF accompanying the tweet is to be believed, a new type of ghost will obviously be part of the pack, but we'll have to wait until January 12 to find out exactly what it's all about.

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