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The Sims 4 finishes the year with a lot of new content

The Sims 4 finishes the year with a lot of new content

It has now been over six years since The Sims 4 came out, and although we know that the development of The Sims 5 has begun thanks to several job offers published a few months ago, the game is not at the end of its life.

It's next expansion, The Sims 4 - Snowy Escape, will be available from November 13 and it will offer to the players the possibility of sending their Sims to Mount Komorebi, a new world of Japanese inspiration where they will be able to practice several winter and mountain sports among other activities. But that's not all. In every new expansion, The Sims 4 also gets a free base game update which usually adds a few items and features. For example, in The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle, players were able to find two features present in The Sims 3 that were absent in the last installment: ladders and firefighters.



And The Sims 4 - Snowy Escape will obviously do the same with the addition of two novelties. On one hand, Emotions, a feature that will allow us to have more detailed and deeper relationships between our sims in the long term; and on the other, the build mode platforms, which will add more relief and depth to your designs.

In addition to that, another update expected to arrive in December will address existing issues regarding in-game skin colors but also add more than a hundred, as well as a slider system to allow greater customization. This is something that Sims 4 players have been claiming for a while, and it's nice to see that EA finally seems to be listening to them. The Sims 4 Snow Escape and the December Update have been made with the help of some community creators.

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