The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack is coming soon

The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack is coming soon

Things are definitely moving for The Sims 4. After the leak of the Courtyard Oasis kit on the Microsoft Store ten days ago, we have been able to discover the roadmap regarding the content to come in the game this summer, which is full of surprises.

The roadmap runs from May to July and includes the Courtyard Oasis Kit, which has been available since May 18th, as well as an event related to Pride month, called "Virtual Block Party", and a second event whose nature is unknown at the moment. It also includes three updates for the base game, an expansion pack that should make us "reconnect with nature", and finally, a new game pack, which was revealed yesterday.

This game pack called The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack is likely to be a must-have for all players who are particularly fond of building their own homes in the game. Many players have a preference for either gameplay or construction, and some even play the game focusing only on one of these aspects, but The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack links both.


The heart of this game pack is the new Interior Decorator career, which allows you to renovate and decorate other Sims' homes. You will have to take into account their wishes, but also their budget, as well as other constraints. The clients' requests will be varied, sometimes even completely crazy, but it is your job to satisfy them. To do this, you will need to spend time getting to know them and understand their tastes, at the risk of disappointing them and damaging your reputation if you don't meet their expectations. Once you've completed your mission, you'll be able to make a big reveal of your work to impress your customers. 

The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack includes a host of new items, some of which players have been waiting for, including modular furniture such as dressers, shelving systems, and configurable sofas. Bunk beds have been improved and new ones will be available. Two new kitchen sets will also be included in the pack, along with plenty of other furniture and decorative items. 

All of this new content will be available for The Sims 4 on June 1 as part of The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator Pack.

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