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The Outer Worlds' new expansion arrives next week

The Outer Worlds' new expansion arrives next week

The release of The Outer Worlds came in as a very nice surprise when it took place in 2019. Most of us are accustomed to seeing developer Obsidian Entertainment working on a different type of games, specifically role-playing games. After all, they are the ones behind some of the most popular games in the genre, including Pillars of Eternity, Dungeon Siege III, Tyranny, and some others. But they are also the creators of Fallout: New Vegas, so they have also proven their expertise with other genres. It's no wonder then that The Outer Worlds, which combines both genres with exploration and a good storyline supported by plenty of dialogs, has met quite a success.

The Outer Worlds has already seen some additions that expanded the base game with a new planet to explore. Peril on Gorgon takes you to Gorgon Asteroid to find out what has happened in this former science outpost that now seems to be suffering from the results of years of mysterious experiments. The DLC also adds a number of new items and features to the game, and we are just expecting more or less the same from the second and final expansion for The Outer Worlds, Murder on Eridanos.



In the new DLC, your task will be to investigate the murder of the famous actress Halcyon Helen. This mission will allow you to explore the floating islands of Eridanos, a luxurious resort run by the Rizzo corporation. Everyone will be a suspect and only by using the new tools at your disposal to interrogate possible witnesses and analyze clues you will be able to find the culprit of this terrible crime. Murder on Eridanos will also include several new weapons and armor pieces to customize your character. Of course, the outcome of the story will depend on your choices so you will need to be careful when investigating this crime.

The Outer Worlds' final DLC will become available next Wednesday on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. As usual, our comparator allows you to find the best price to purchase the game anytime.

  • Official website : The Outer Worlds
  • Categories : Role-Playing
  • Editor : Private Division
  • Developer : Obsidian Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : October 23, 2020
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