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Bloober Team teases New Layers of Fear game

Bloober Team teases New Layers of Fear game

Prepare to be disturbed—again. Developers The Bloober Team has confirmed through a teaser image and tweet that a new Layers of Fear game is in the works. 

All this is happening as rumors continue to swirl of The Bloober Team working on a big title. This could be it, but then again, we’ve previously reported a rumor that a Silent Hill 2remake is in the works. After working on The Medium, The Bloober Team had forged a partnership with Konami, fueling rumors that a new Silent Hill project was on the way. That could may still happen, though it seems that a third Layers of Fear is the current priority. 



The use of a portrait in the teaser once again brings back the motif of paintings in Layers of Fear

The original Layers of Fear follows a mentally disturbed painter attempting to create his masterpiece. Due to his psychotic break, his house becomes a continually changing maze filled with horrific images. You must work through the puzzles (and experience the numerous jump scares) to create the magnum opus and experience one of the three endings. 

Layers of Fear 2 changes the location to a cruise liner. This time, you play a Hollywood actor working for an eccentric director, who has made a film just for you. Now with darkness starting to close in around your spotlight, you find yourself slowly going mad in the iron belly of the ship.

The Bloober Team had actually teased a new game back in October 2021 with a trailer, which you can check out here:



There is no news yet of a release date for the third Layers of Fear game or its supported platforms. While we wait for more news and confirmation on a new Silent Hill, you can check out our comparator for a Layers of Fear and a Layers of Fear 2 PC code.

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