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Silent Hill 2 remake reportedly in the works

Silent Hill 2 remake reportedly in the works

Konami has not touched the Silent Hill franchise in a decade, so it’s a welcome thing to suddenly have news to talk about. Influencers and insiders have shared that apart from a new Silent Hill game currently in development, Konami is developing a remake of the horror masterpiece, Silent Hill 2.



Silent Hill 2 follows James Sunderland, who receives a note from his supposedly long-dead wife, asking him to come to her in the town of Silent Hill. When James goes to investigate, he is besieged by a strange otherworld filled with horrific monsters, as well as visions that recall his sordid past. 

According to game insiders Jeff Grub and NatetheHate, there are several Silent Hill projects in the works. We’ve previously heard of a new Silent Hill game, but Silent Hill 2 will also be remade, complete with a new engine, reworked puzzles, and endings. Video Game Chronicle has since come out with a report corroborating the two stories



The bad news is that the remake will likely be a timed PlayStation exclusive. Silent Hill has a long-standing relationship with PlayStation, and most of its games only came out solely for that console. What’s more, the new Silent Hill game will also reportedly be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.  

The Bloober Team, makers of The Medium and Layers of Fear, is rumored to be developing the Silent Hill 2 remake and the new game. VGC also reports that a narrative-driven episodic type of game is also in the cards, though it’s not readily clear who is developing it. Supermassive Games was reportedly attached to the project, but the latest news points to Annapurna Interactive instead. We’ll know more as time goes on, as Konami will likely make an announcement in a game fest this year. Either way, it seems the Silent Hill franchise is really on the comeback trail. 

You can check out a Silent Hill Homecoming PC code here. On the other hand, you can also take a look at games by the Bloober Team, such as the Silent Hill-inspired The Medium, or a Layers of Fear PC key.  


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