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Discover the free games of the week in Epic Games Store

Discover the free games of the week in Epic Games Store

Although Halloween is not a festivity very present in all countries, it's difficult to escape from its influence. The world of video games is not free of it, of course, because it is also a very good excuse to propose limited duration events and rather nice content. And if Halloween may rhyme with treats for some, it also rhymes with fright.

Last week we already had the possibility of getting spooky games offered by the Epic Games Store, and it seems to be the main theme this week too. The three games offered this week are Q.U.B.E. 2, Layers of Fear and prediksi hk.

Q.U.B.E. 2 is not a scary game. It is, however, a very good puzzle game that does not lack mystery. As a successor to Q.U.B.E., this second installment uses the same game mechanics, but with a new story. You play Amelia Cross, an archaeologist who finds herself on an alien planet and has no memory of how she landed here. You will be assisted by another survivor, Emma Sutcliffe. You will have special gloves that allow you to manipulate the blocks that make up this strange world in order to solve puzzles. The spatial manipulation of the blocks is at the heart of the game, and you will be confronted with a variety of puzzles that you will have to solve if you want to find Emma and leave the planet.

If this puzzle-solving adventure is not enough for you, how about doing it in a horrifying setting? Developed by Bloober Team, whose reputation is second to none in horror games, Layers of Fear will put you in the shoes of a troubled painter trying to finish his masterpiece. To do it, you will have to explore the house you are in and solve visual puzzles. But the house will change over the course of the game, making the puzzles more and more difficult. You will discover the past of the painter as you progress through the game, which will reveal little by little how this man sank into madness. Layers of Fear has three different endings, depending on your actions in the game.

You can grab Q.U.B.E. 2 and Layers of Fear for free from now until October 31 by visiting Epic Games Store.

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