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Sunless Sea developer announces a new game based on Fallen London

Sunless Sea developer announces a new game based on Fallen London

Fallen London is a free-to-play text-based browser video game developed by Failbetter Games that is set in a dark alternative victorian era. It's the year 1862 and the city of London has been moved underground. Now it's located in a vast underground caves complex known as the Neath. This post-apocalyptic scenario with gothic overtones has already been used by the developers to create other two games, Sunless Skies and Sunless Sea, which allowed you to explore the territories around the city of London by sea and also soaring the skies in a locomotive. As weird as it may sound to you, the setting is loved by lots of players and now it will serve as an inspiration for a new game. 



Failbetter Games has announced that they are launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter for Mask of the Rose, a visual novel set in the world of Fallen London. It will be a romance game that also focuses heavily on exploration and solving mysteries while letting us discover a bit more of the victorian city through its people and the relations between them. The brief description provided by the developers already offers you a small glimpse of what will be waiting for you in Mask of the Rose.

"Mask of the Rose takes place in 1862, mere months after London was stolen by bats. Londoners are still adjusting to life underground. The old street signs are being erased. New ministries and new festivals are being established. The mysterious Masters of the Bazaar seem to be in charge."

"As you make a new life below, you may find yourself visiting the underwater ruins of Parliament; intervening in a murder trial where the victim is a witness; or steering a hooded, vocabularious Master through the subtleties of a London courtship. However you choose to live in the Neath, you have your own friendships – and your own heart – to look after."

The Kickstarter campaign for Mask of the Rose will start in February 2021, but if you want to know more about Fallen London you can visit the official page of the game here.

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