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Sunless Skies is getting new free content

Sunless Skies is getting new free content

If you ever played Sunless Skies or it´s predecessor, Sunless Sea, you would probably agree that both games deliver a better experience than what one would think at first glance. Exploring uncharted skies and waters discovering new places and interacting with the respective events you find there, managing your scarce resources, trading goods, and dealing with unforeseen dangers and enemies as you progress through the game, all of that knock into shape a distinct gameplay that is at the same time quite challenging and enticing.



Sunless Skies has been quite a successful sequel and offers more than what would initially look like a change of setting, swapping the seas for the skies. After getting funded through Kickstarter has managed to catch the attention of many people and now it´s expanding its content with a huge update. The Vagabond is a major update coming to Sunless Skies on June 12 that will add, among other things, a new officer for you to recruit for your crew: the Amiable Vagabond. Like some of the other characters in your crew, he will have his own story and open new interaction lines and events. Other than that, The Vagabond update will also add more stories of the great Horrors and Wonders of the Skies, like the Xanthous Moon and Regent's Tears, as well as discoveries, encounters, and something completely new that you may find if you explore the Worlebury area.

Further ahead in time, the developers plan on keep expanding and improving the content in Sunless Skies with new additions, keeping in mind things like character progression, UI enhancements and traveling times. Remember that this update will be completely free for everyone that owns Sunless Skies, so if you haven´t tried it yet, you might want to give it a try in a month from now and experience the new content.

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