Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King new trailer

Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King new trailer

Jack is back, and ironically, Chaos isn't. Now it's the time for the hero Warrior of Light and Bahamut, the most badass dragon of the entire game industry, to shine. The first of three planned DLCs for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the Trials of the Dragon King, is arriving soon, and you can check its latest trailer with all the juicy info right here.

According to the game's official Twitter, the expansion will add 4 new main missions, 9 new side missions, 3 new jobs, 2 new boss battles, a new weapon type, a new equipment type, and the Bahamut difficulty mode.



Stranger of Paradise gets three new jobs

Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King will tie Jack against Bahamut. The dragon appeared in Final Fantasy I as a character who upgraded our four warriors' jobs after completing a trial. The second boss of the expansion is none other than the Warrior of Light, as depicted by Yoshitaka Amano's artwork and his appearance in Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Trials of the Dragon King also adds 3 new jobs to an already extensive roster. Pilgrim, a job that uses a stretchable staff to assault enemies. Evoker, whose command evokes spirits to attack or causes special effects on enemies on their own. And the staple Summoner, that will let players control Bahamut and unleash chaos with its trademark Megaflare.

The new weapon added is the Stave, probably shared among the new jobs. The accessory slot will also join the arsenal of our warriors, adding a new layer of attributes and skills, such as "1000 Needles" to be employed in battle.

Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King releases July 20th. You can grab the Deluxe version of the game, which includes all three DLCs, or the Season Pass, or just the upgrade to the Deluxe version. Wanderer of the Rift and Different Future are the upcoming expansions, and nothing is known about them so far. Don't forget to check out our comparator for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin CD Keys and help Jack to achieve his bloodthirsty goal.

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