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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features 27 jobs in total

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin features 27 jobs in total

Final Fantasy is well known for its job system, a staple on some mainlines and spinoffs since Final Fantasy III. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin also includes the job system, and Daisuke Inoue, one of the game's directors, said the game will introduce three new jobs to an already full arsenal.

Whoever played or watched Stranger of Paradise demo gameplay noticed Jack could switch to some classic jobs, like a White or Black mage, Monk, Warrior, and my personal favorite, Dragoon. Later on, Square shared details regarding more familiar jobs, such as Samurai, Red Mage, and Thief. 

On the PlayStation blog, Daisuke showed three brand new jobs to the game and detailed a bit more about how Jack will employ each one in his relentless pursuit of Chaos.



Stranger of Paradise introduces 3 new jobs to the franchise

The first job introduced is the Breaker, and as its name implies, it's a job focused on breaking enemies and attempting one-shot kills. Do you know who's famous for one-hit KO on the franchise? If you said Odin, you are right. As a callback, the job wields the Zantetsuken, a badass sword that Odin swings around while splitting or shattering our screen and sending his enemies to their demise.

The second job is called Void Knight, which thrives against enemies that cast magic attacks. The Void Knight can absorb a magic attack and transform in its own attack or convert it into MP. Gearing a Void Knight with a magic caster sounds like a great combination.

And the last new job introduced is the Tyrant - awesome name! The Tyrant imbues their weapon with magical elements to hit exactly where it hurts on the enemy. But correct me if I'm wrong. While the name indeed denotes a new job, its function is similar to the Mystic Knight job, a.k.a Spellblade. 

With 27 jobs confirmed, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin players are in for a ride. Play as the chivalrous Paladin, recovering HP while you smite your enemies or live on the edge with the Dark Knight, whose attacks get stronger the closer to death you are.

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