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Starfield will have a unique New Game Plus mode

Starfield will have a unique New Game Plus mode

The information about Starfield keeps piling up ahead of its upcoming release. After Todd Howard himself presented a live-action trailer during the Gamescom a few days ago, he revealed a very interesting detail about the game. If you were wondering if Starfield was going to be just a one-time journey through space, you will be glad to know that there will be more things to do once you finish the game.



In an interview with CQ, the Bethesda Softworks director has revealed that Starfield will feature a New Game Plus mode, but it won't be a conventional one. He said that this mode will include a "unique and exciting twist" that will incite you to replay the game. Unfortunately, that's as far as he went into describing such a feature. We will have to wait a bit longer to know more details on Starfield's New Game Plus mode, but that's not the only news about the upcoming space adventure.

Play Starfield as early as possible

Bethesda has confirmed the global release times for Starfield, and you could be playing the game as soon as August 31 depending on where you are and what edition of the game you have purchased. The official release date for Starfield is September 6, (September 5 for those in America), but you can get a significant head start if you have purchased the ultimate edition of the game or a superior one. In that case, you will be able to access Starfield on September 1 (August 31 in America). You can check out the table below to find out the release date and hour for your time zone.


Starfield release times

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