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Star Wars: Squadrons is getting new content

Star Wars: Squadrons is getting new content

Despite the initial statement from Electronic Arts saying that Star Wars: Squadrons was a completed game and that it wouldn't receive additional content, it seems that they have taken a different direction for the game. A few weeks ago, Star Wars: Squadrons players received a pack of cosmetic items to celebrate the launch of the second season of The Mandalorian TV series. Among those items, you could find a Baby Yoda bobblehead, a hologram, stickers, and more. Although these are not exactly playable content it still is an addition to the game. More seem to be coming in the next few weeks, and this time they are not cosmetic items.

EA has confirmed that Star Wars: Squadrons will receive two updates that will add new starfighters, a new map, and more. On November 25, all Star Wars: Squadrons players will be able to take part in a new battle, Fostar Haven. it's a scenario that you have already experienced during the single-player story but it has been reworked and this time you will join its multiplayer version in Fleet Battle and Dogfight mode. On the same update, a few new components for your ships will be added to your arsenal. Bombers and Fighters will have access to the Boost Extension Kit and Prototype Piercing Torpedoes, which will allow them to receive a full boost and bypass shield respectively. Interceptors and Fighters will also boost their offensive capabilities with Ion Rockets, which are slower than their counterpart but can be fired at the same time as other weapons. Finally, the U-Wing and Tie Reaper will be able to mount Anti-Material Rocket Turrets, which will help them to attack capital ships.



A second update will arrive on December 4 and it will bring the B-Wing and the Tie Defender, a Bomber and a Fighter that will reinforce their respective fleets. They include several unique components. Also, this update will introduce Custom Matches, a new mode that will pit up to five players per side across two teams to battle on any of the maps available in Dogfight and Fleet Battles, offering you the possibility of restricting ships and modifying their stats.

The announcement leaves the door open to more updates coming in the future and that's something that will delight Star Wars: Squadrons players.

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