Star Wars: Squadrons shows its gameplay for the first time

Star Wars: Squadrons shows its gameplay for the first time

We announced it in a previous article this week in which we talked about the reveal of the new Star Wars game by Electronic Arts. The gameplay of Star Wars: Squadrons was to be shown during the EA Play event that took place yesterday and the publisher didn't disappoint the players. We could watch thrilling fights between starfighters from the Empire and the New Republic for the first time and also learn a lot of things about Star Wars: Squadrons' features.

Star Wars: Squadrons includes several gameplay modes and even though the objectives are different in all of them, they all provide a thrilling space combat experience. There is a campaign mode where you will choose your side and play through the story but you can also take part in multiplayer battles. From exhilarating 5v5 combats in Dogfight Mode, where you have to cooperate with your team to beat down your opponents, to the massive Fleet Battles, in which you and your squadron will take on a series of missions to try to control a sector and destroy the enemy capital ship, Star Wars: Squadrons offers you plenty of options.



Piloting your starship will require more than aiming and shooting, and you will have to manage the energy consumption of your ship and use a wide array of devices that includes mines, or even turrets if you want to defeat your enemies. You can choose between different iconic starships of the Star Wars universe and each of them has a different role in the battle. Customizing their looks and enhancing their capabilities with new systems is also possible. EA also has confirmed that you will be able to unlock all those options just by playing the game.

Star Wars: Squadrons looks great and it seems to be quite a good replacement for all those that are tired of Star Wars: Battlefront II. We can't wait to be able to play it.

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