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Sifu adds Arena Modes this March

Sifu adds Arena Modes this March

One of the best action titles to come out recently, Sloclap’s Sifu is set to broaden its horizons with its latest big update coming on March 28. Firstly, the game will come out on new platforms: PC via Steam, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. Secondly, the update will have the Arena modes. Have a look at the trailer here:



Announced last year, the update will provide five new Arena modes that will sorely test your kung-fu skills: 

  • Survival mode - hold out against wave after wave of enemies
  • Time Attack - complete the level in the fastest possible time
  • Performance - perform perfect combos to raise your score 
  • Capture - defend an area for as long as you can
  • Manhunt - take down a specific target that’s being guarded by powerful enemies

Apart from these modes, we will also and 45 different challenges and get nine new levels, including a rain-drenched alley and a helipad atop a skyscraper. 

Sifu is a tale of revenge and redemption. You play as a kung fu disciple whose father had been killed by five assassins, and you go on an epic rampage through various city districts in an effort to track them down. The game’s main mechanic is a powerful medallion that resurrects you each time you die, but as a downside, also progressively ages you. Age too much and you die, forcing you to repeat the level.

Sifu has received critical acclaim as a solid beat ‘em up and sold 1 million copies in its first three weeks. Its previous updates gave us new costumes, difficulty modes, and modifiers to further tweak the challenge rating. Now it’s accessible to more platforms than ever before, and with the new Arena modes, will have an additional 10 hours of game time. 

If you have yet to try this uncompromising kung fu masterpiece, grab a Sifu Xbox key from our comparator today.

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